COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

  • Class capacity will be limited to 8 students
  • Parents will not be allowed inside of the Dance Studio.
  • The lobby is closed. Parents must wait in their car or outside of the building.
  • Dancers cannot be dropped off earlier than their class time.
  • Dancers may come dressed in their dance attire under another piece of clothing.
  • Students can only wear dance attire and dance shoes inside of the studio
  • No outside clothes or shoes will be allowed.
  • A temperature check will also be conducted before entering each class.
  • All dancers MUST wear a face mask. We do recommend bringing in an extra mask if possible.
  • Water fountain usage is prohibited. Bring  a water bottle to class.
  • Late dancers will not be admitted into class.
  • Studio space will be completely closed once class starts.
  • All students will wash hands or utilize hand sanitizer prior to the start of class.
  • Students may not attend classes with signs or symptoms of illness including but not limited to fever, chills, cough or sore throat.
  • Student must be free of fever for 72 hours prior to being allowed to return to class
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