Studio Schedule & Tuition Fee

Children classes are structured by age and dance type

Tuition Payment/Fees

REGISTRATION FEE: We require a $35.00 registration fee per child.  Your registration fee in non-refundable. Your registration fee must be included with your fall registration sheet along with first month’s tuition for each student.

TUITION: Our tuition is based on a Semester (18 weeks) fee and broken down into monthly installments for your convenience.  Your monthly tuition amount is due no matter how many weeks fall into any given month.

All tuition is to be paid monthly and during the first class of each month.  After the 10th of each month you will be automatically charged a $10.00 late fee.  If unpaid tuition goes into the following month, a $20.00 late fee will automatically be added to your account.  No refunds once a child has attended classes in any given month. If your tuition falls two months behind, your child will not be permitted to attend class until payment has been made. There will be a $20.00 charge for all returned checks.


1 class $71.00 (monthly)

2 classes: $135.00 (monthly)

3 classes: $192.00 (monthly)

DRESS CODE:  All classes require a dance shoe.  No shoes, no class.  This is for the safety of the dancer.  No one dances barefoot or in socks only.  Also jeans are not acceptable as dancewear.

Ballet and Modern Ballet:  All Levels:  Class Colored leotard, nude/tan/pink tights, black skirt and ballet shoes.

Creative Movement:     Class leotard/skirt, pink tights and ballet pink shoes

Tap: Class leotard, tights and tap shoes

 Jazz: Class leotard, tights or Jazz Pants (beige jazz shoes)

Hip hop:  Loose fitting pants/baggy sweat pants, t shirts and look FUNKY!!!  Sneakers, but they must be clean and not street shoes.

RECITAL: Our year end show is a culmination of what our students have learned during the course of the year. Each class is involved in the show and will have their own dance.  Each dance your child is in will require a costume.  You will be responsible for purchasing each costume.  You will be responsible for your child to attend each class and the show.  We must charge for tickets for the show due to the expenses that will be incurred. You will receive more detailed information about the recital after spring break.  The show is optional - it is strictly your decision on whether your child will participate.  Also, if you have signed up for more than one class or have siblings signed up for different classes, chances are you will be involved in more than one show.

COSTUMES: A $30.00 deposit/Recital fee is due by November24th.  This is a non-refundable deposit.  The balance due on your costume will be due by February 22nd.  Costume prices are $100 each.  No costume will be handed out without the balance being paid in full.

Costumes NOT paid in full by February 22nd will have a $10.00 late fee added to each costume.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: If you miss a class due to illness, vacations, etc.  You are welcome to make up that class at any time.  Please call the desk and they will inform you of which class in appropriate to make up in. Or you may ask your child's instructor.  There are no refunds for classes missed.  This includes sickness, vacations etc.


August 30th Fall Session Begins May 28th End of Spring Session
September 6th Labor Day (Closed) May 28th-30th Closed/Memorial Day
October 10th Performance (Ensemble)  June 6th – July 29th Dance Camp
November 20th Costume Deposits Due August 1st -19th Performing Arts Camp
November 22nd – 26th Thanksgiving  Holiday (Closed)
December 20th - 23rd Winter Camp
December 27th – 30th Winter Camp
January 17th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Closed)
February 21st Costume Balance Due
March 14th – 18th Spring Break (Closed)
May 21st Spring Recital (tentative date due to availability
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